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Things you need to know about maintaining your Commercial Dishwasher

Every commercial kitchen benefits from having a commercial dishwasher that can wash and sanitize large numbers of dishes efficiently. A commercial dishwasher is considered a good investment because, if properly cared for and maintained, can provide service for up to

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ACE Catering Equipment Bar Fitout Project

The Key Ingredients for a Successful Bar Fitout

The key to any successful business venture is careful planning and knowing your target market. So, before you start designing and setting up your commercial bar, it’s imperative you have clearly identified and understand the following elements of your business:

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Commercial Food Safety – 5 Key Elements

Food safety in commercial catering kitchens is imperative in order to produce food that is safe for human consumption, and to prevent the incidence of food borne illness. Commercial catering businesses also have a legal obligation to follow the food

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Solving Your Commercial Kitchen Needs

Discover the right commercial kitchen for your venture, the first time with the help of Ace Catering Equipment. We have years of experience across all hospitality sectors. Our expert team, can help decipher your exact needs and guide you through

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Fast Chef Elite: The Revolutionary NEW way to fry

Fresh to the Australian market, we are excited to introduce the Fast Chef Elite, the extraordinary time-saving Automatic Fryer. No longer is there a need for kitchen staff to monitor and fuss over food products in traditional fryers. The Fast

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Catering Equipment – Cost Price Vs Quality

When it comes to purchasing commercial catering equipment for your business, you want your investment to meet your needs and last the distance. Everyone is familiar with the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ and this is certainly very

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Project Work

The Scope of Project Work

Whether you are a coffee shop owner, restauranteur or you operate a mass corporate catering facility, the correct design of your commercial catering premises is critical to your business success. To avoid costly mistakes, we highly recommended you enlist the

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Introducing Norris ‘Fixed Price Package’

Are you looking for a new dishwasher? Something that is reliable and high quality that is still within budget? We have an excellent deal available for you to make the process even easier. Norris has introduced a ‘Fixed Price Package’,

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Ace Catering Equipment kitchen_designblog

Creating Efficient Commercial Kitchen Flow – Order or Chaos!

Designing a commercial kitchen with efficient flow requires a good floor plan, the right commercial catering equipment and logical work-flow systems for food production and staff. This equates to order in the kitchen and business profitability. However, failing to nail

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ACE Catering Equipment Commercial Kitchen

What is the key to running a sustainable and profitable catering business?

Energy efficient cooking equipment can be the difference between profitability and operating in the red! Hence the ‘sustainability factor’ comes into play. Outfitting your commercial kitchen with quality, energy and water efficient catering equipment will literally save your business thousands

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Norris Update New Warranty Offer Platinum

As restaurateurs and caterers, we all know that to wash dishes and glasses commercially, you need durable and reliable equipment that won’t let you down. Norris has been doing exactly that; manufacturing an exceptional range of commercial dishwashers since 1954

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ACE Catering Supplies - Commercial Refrigeration

How to select the right Commercial Refrigeration for your Business

Once you have your menu set and your cooking equipment selected, then it’s time to consider the Refrigeration / Freezer needs for your commercial kitchen. Particular consideration should be given to the existing and projected turnover of menu lines requiring

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How to Choose the right Commercial Dishwasher

How to Choose the right Commercial Dishwasher

Choosing the right commercial dishwashing equipment will help your kitchen run smoothly and contribute to increased profits. However, making the wrong choice could see your business all washed up! Over and above the factors we are about to discuss, just

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Selecting the right Commercial Cooking Equipment for your Business Success!

Efficiency, Productivity and Quality are key to operating a successful and profitable commercial kitchen. Whether you are opening a new restaurant or doing a refit, choosing the right commercial cooking equipment is paramount to your business success. The commercial advantages

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