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Apply the ‘6P Rule’ to Maximise Your Commercial Kitchen Space

What is commonly known as the ‘6P Military Rule’ can certainly be applied to anyone in charge of operating an efficient and profitable commercial kitchen. ‘Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance’ Whether you are planning to fit-out a new commercial

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Food Safety and Wastage A Helpful Guide to Refrigerated Food Management

In a previous blog we featured a guide to maintaining your commercial refrigeration and in this month’s article we’ll going to discuss the importance of effective food control and the practical ways you can reduce wastage and avoid the risk

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Tips for Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment

In the excitement of starting a new food catering business, or renovating your commercial kitchen, it can be tempting to go all out and in haste purchase items which may not be exactly right for your specific business needs. ACE

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Best Best Catering Equipment

Guide to finding the best Catering Equipment Supplier for you!

Whether you are planning a commercial kitchen refit or setting up a new catering facility, one of the biggest expenses is purchasing the right catering equipment and supplies. Understanding exactly what you need and selecting the right food preparation equipment

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Refrigeration Maintenance

Avoid a Meltdown! Helpful Guide to Refrigeration Maintenance

When you are running a commercial catering business, one of the worst things that can go wrong is to have your Commercial Catering Equipment fail – especially your refrigeration during the warmer months of the year. This can result in

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Commercial Kitchen Efficiency

Commercial Kitchen Optimisation & Efficiency

In a previous blog we referred to the importance of selecting the right commercial catering equipment, which is key to the viability of your business. These distinct components need to be arranged in a specific format to optimise the performance

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Waiter There's A Fly

Simple Steps to Eliminate Bar Flies (We mean the ones with wings!)

Do you have a problem with pesky bar flies? We have a great solution for you with the introduction of “The Fly Ladies” commercial fly fighting products. Dramatically reduce the presence of flying pests with this HACCP Approved product. Many

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Cold Water & Save

The Truth About The Cost of Running Your Commercial Dishwasher.

A commercial dishwasher uses a lot of power and hot water to ensure the compliance standard of an 82 °C rinse. To achieve this quickly the dishwasher needs to be connected to a commercial hot water system to hit the

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ACE Catering Equipment Brisbane - 5 Star Food Safety Rating

How to maintain your 5-Star Food Safety Rating

Effective 2010, Brisbane Council introduced the ‘Eat Safe’ 5-Star food safety rating system to monitor and regulate all food businesses, ensuring that food for sale is safe and suitable for human consumption in compliance with the Food Act 2006, the

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ACE Catering Equipment Brisbane - Buy Commercial Cooking Equipment before EOFY

How to save $$$$ – Instant Asset Right-Off Ends 30 June 2018

With only two months to go before the end of the financial year, now is the perfect window of opportunity to purchase some new catering equipment to minimise your potential tax bill. Whether your existing equipment needs replacing or you

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ACE Catering Equipment Brisbane - Commercial Refrigeration

How to get it ‘Right’ from the start! Purchasing Commercial Catering Equipment

Choosing commercial catering equipment is a task that must be done with thoughtful consideration, as this is an investment that can make the difference between running a successful catering business versus one that is struggling. It is important that you

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Appealing Beverage

Ace Your Presentation – Choosing The Correct Ice Machine

Creating an appealing beverage or dish lies within both the taste and presentation. There are many aspects in creating an eye-catching beverage but have you thought about which ice you should be using? Ice is just ice right…..Wrong! There are

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The ACE Factor

The ACE Factor

When it comes to the ACE Factor – we’ve been in the commercial catering industry for over 35 years and continually strive for excellence in all facets of the business to remain at the top of our game. Customer satisfaction

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Blog Food Safety

Commercial Food Safety, Your Main Priority

Ensuring that your kitchen is putting out delicious and consistent food dishes is a priority. Commercial Food Safety and temperature control is one of the key ingredients to ensuring your business’s longevity and customer satisfaction. Within Australia there is an

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