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Refrigeration & Food Storage

Do you have a catering or food-based business? Commercial refrigeration is a crucial component in many industries ranging from hospitality to retail such as supermarkets. What are some of the considerations when it comes to planning food storage, keeping food safe, and meeting compliance?

The Australian Food Standards and Safe Food Australia set out specific requirements for food storage, including correct temperatures, length of time and refrigeration guidelines to ensure that you’re serving or retailing food products that are safe to consume.

Tips for Commercial Refrigeration:

  • Schedule regular services and maintenance for your refrigerators
  • To maximise chilled air circulation, don’t overstock refrigerators
  • Check all food temperature with a thermometer 
  • Keep date records of stock – sell older food first, and discard any food that is past the “use by” date. 
  • Don’t leave refrigerator doors open longer than necessary or open them frequently
  • If you’re using packaged food, ensure that you note the date marking and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for keeping.

In addition, Safe Food Australia promotes the “2-hour / 4-hour” rule* when it comes to keeping food safe, that’s taken out of refrigeration. This rule is based on scientific data on microorganisms growing in food between the temperature of 5°C to 60°C.

As long as you keep track of the time when food is taken out of refrigeration, which includes time used in the preparation, storage, transporting and display, you are able to serve the food as safe for consumption:

  • Food taken out for less than 2 hours and held between 5 °C & 60 °C can be used, sold or put back in the refrigerator for later use.
  • Food that has been taken out for 2 – 4 hours, and is held between 5 °C & 60 °C can still be used or sold, but cannot be returned to the fridge.
  • Discard any food held between 5 °C & 60 °C for over 4 hours
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When it comes to Commercial Refrigeration, delivery frequency of frozen and fresh produce needs to be taken into account when calculating the storage capacity required. Positioning and insulation to reduce energy consumption are also important and to ensure cost-efficiency. We can even Custom Build to your specific requirements and space restrictions.

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